New Patient Resource

You have more than likely been told by the hospital that there will be a number of resources to

help you once you take your child home. Unfortunately, the resources are actually fairly limited

and dependent on which state you live in and what type of insurance you have and where you


Some of the things we can suggest or items suggested by other parents:

(this is not a complete list and will be updated)

  • Ask your pediatrician about whether your child (based on diagnosis) qualifies for a

secondary insurance (in California that is called C.C.S )

  • If appropriate for your child's diagnosis (limited mobility et.c.) request your pediatrician to

fill out a DMV request for a special parking placard

  • Determine if your child qualifies for special services through a regional center; these are

state funded services which include developmental assessments and various therapies.

  • See if your child qualifies for a medical discount (if offered) through your local electric

and gas company

  • See if your child (based on diagnosis and anticipated prognosis) qualifies for a Make A


  • Consider memory making ( no one has a crystal ball to 100% predict the future) ; save a

favorite outfit in a sealed plastic bag after your child wears it but do not launder it- it will

retain their smell and triggered the sensory memory center in future when opened. Take

photos videos and audio recordings.

  • If you live in California's Central Valley,  check out Sweet Nectar Society, a non-profit

organization that takes professional photos of kids with complex medical needs.

Parents Connect

An online Facebook group designed for parents of children with complex medical needs to share experiences, offer or request unused medical supplies, and support one another in day to day life.