Family Support Group

Parents who get it.

 Family Support Group was designed and implemented by parents for parents and siblings of children that have died of medically challenging conditions. Parents that have fought to keep their child alive, with a focus on quality of life or palliative pediatric concurrent care, have a unique set of experiences. This support group allows these parents to openly express the frustrations, realizations and pain, as well as hope, as they follow a healthy grief journey. 

Siblings: Parents of children with medically challenging conditions have many worries, one of which, is their other children. We worry about the siblings when one child requires much time and attention: monitoring symptoms, meds and appointments. These worries do not end when that child dies. Forever Sweeties helps siblings walk their own grief journey. Collective healthy grieving by parents and siblings supports and strengthens the entire family. Death is a part of life. Grief is a part of death. And healthy grieving is part of healthy living. 

Monthly Support Meetings

Please join us as we support parents and siblings on their grief journeys.  A grief support group was created  for and by parents who get it. It has become our mission to serve families wherever they are on their grief journey. 


Our Story

During the winter of 2015, three parents (2 fathers, 1 mother) gathered to design a support group for parents of children that have died of medically challenging conditions such as: cancer or genetic conditions. Under the guidance of a licensed social worker, these parents advised local hospice/bereavement support services about how these parents experience grief. Two years later, a local non-profit organization, Sweet Nectar Society, funded the first year of monthly meetings at the Sweet Nectar House, Tulare, CA. During our second year, Trillium Kids, Inc. partnered with Sweet Nectar Society to fund licensed support services and relocate Forever Sweeties to a more familiar location to these families, Pine Street Pediatrics in Exeter, CA. This support group would only exist as a design without these two local non-profit organizations.