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Trillium Kids

Trillium Kids was created to provide practical support to families of children with special needs. Often times families face emotional distress and financial burdens related to everyday care of a special needs child. During times of sickness, these stresses are increased due to uncertainty of health outcomes, increased hassles related to medical regimens, social isolation, accompanied by financial strain due to private medical insurance and government assistance programs not covering additional costs associated with treatment of a special needs child. Trillium Kids supports families caring for a child with special needs during times of sickness, including chronic or temporary illness.

Grant Opportunities

Our program gives small grants to provide basic support so families can focus on proper treatment and sustained quality of life for their child.


With donor support Trillium Kids has been able to:

  • Continue efforts to grant Mini-Make-A-Wish to children with a short life expectancy.
  • Supply gift cards and hotel vouchers to families in need to assist in long distance medical consult trips to places such as Stanford, UCSF, UCSD/Rady San Diego, and prolonged hospital stays at Valley Children’s Hospital.
  • Provide assistance with rent and utility bills when there are no other community options.
  • Assisted in the purchase of medical equipment that insurance will not cover, as well as transferring gently used equipment and supplies from one family to another in need.
  • Assisted with funeral costs for four of our children that we lost this year.
  • Development of a home/school visitation-based program where a therapist will work to support the siblings of these kids as their needs are often overlooked due to the demanding needs of the more medically fragile child.

Grief Support Group

Trillium Kids has partnered with the non-profit Sweet Nectars Society, to develop the Forever Sweeties Grief Support Group for parents who have experienced the loss of a child.

Understanding Palliative Care, Alexandra's Story

The founder of Trillium Kids, Dr. David Sine has collaborated with JUMO Health to create the very first illustrated, age appropriate, booklet to explain pediatric palliative care. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions enable Trillium Kids to improve the quality of life of incredible children who are faced with difficult situations.

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